climate of mp

Madhya Pradesh has a typical Indian climate, with hot rainy and cold seasons. Sub-tropical conditions prevail all over the state. April may and June are the hottest months. The temperature varies between 30‘C and 45’C during this season. Rainfall usually starts in the first week of July. The monsoon begins retreating in September. A cool, dry spell, with clear skies and a gentle breeze and pleasant weather, prevails from November to March. The temperature varies from 08 ‘c to 20’c during this season.

connectivity of mp

Indore and Bhopal are well connected to most cities in Madhya Pradesh and the rest of the country.
Taxies and state run buses are available to all well known destinations .most of the places are connected to almost all parts of the country by rail. Madhya Pradesh is also we connected to all parts of the country by a network of good roads and highways.
All major airlines are having their network in Madhya Pradesh.

Culture & Celebrations of mp

The tribal fairs and festivals of Madhya Pradesh are a celebration of the ethnic lifestyle of the colorful tribes of the land. These fun filled celebrations are marked by carefree revelry and exotic entertainment. BHAGORIA Haat festival is one of its kinds.
Music and dance festivals get a whole new dimension in Madhya Pradesh, because of the grandeur of architecture and history.
Khajuraho dance festival, Tansen music festival, Malwa utsav , Mandu utsav etc are some the example.

food of MP

A gastronomy sojourn across the heartland of india is an adventure in to a veritable Foodland, a journey of discovery that leads you to savour traditional Madhya Pradeshi food .
It differs from region to region, and one can find tinges of Rajasthani, Guajarati and Maharashtrian influences.
It is evident that the religious influences that shaped the cultures of the state have also left a profound imprint on the food habits of its people. if Bhopal serves you meat delicacies, Indore and Ujjain churn out a host of vegetarian it spicy, savoury or snacks that tickle your palate, Indore, the street food capital of India, is the place for you it throws up a verity of fares in its famed SARAFA BAZAR and CHAPPAN DUKAAN with its row of 56 shops. sarafa at the historic Rajwada ,comes alive at night with its food carts and eateries . .

stay of mp

Madhya Pradesh has a good number of resorts and hotels for tourists in every popular destination. all the resorts are built keeping the comfort of the tourist as the top priority. All these resorts and hotels are near the tourist spots. The accommodation and facilities they offer are comfortable, affordable and nicely maintained.
These resorts and hotels are as varied and interesting as your own reason for visiting Madhya Pradesh.Whether you come for business or pleasure or for a specific reason every city will offer you a very comfortable option for the same.
In Madhya Pradesh modern hotels to heritage palaces, forts, haveli, jungle resorts, nature resorts, huge convention centers, fantastic individual owned retreats and many more hotels are ready to give solution for your business or pleasure trips.