a) How does one reach Madhya Pradesh?

1) By Air
MP has five running airports Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Khajuraho and Gwalior.
2) By Road & Rail
Madhya Pradesh is well connected with rail and highway roads. 'Madhya Pradesh' have 5 border states i.e. Rajasthan , Maharashtra , Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

b) Why should one travel to Madhya Pradesh?

Because MP offers variety of places and sites for each segment of the tourists.

Madhya Pradesh offers a mix of destinations. They are;

• Spiritual Destinations – Ujjain, Omkareshwar, Maihar, Chitrakoot, Amarkantak • Wildlife destinations – Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench, Panna, Satpura • Heritage Destinations – Sanchi, Khajuraho, Orchha, Gwalior, Mandu • Leisure Destinations – Pachmarhi, Hanuwantiya, Sailani

MP also have Water bodies, festivals and local cuisine and Un explored areas.

c) How should I decide how many nights in each place?

It totally depends upon individual interest but 2 to 3 night’s minimum required for each place in Madhya Pradesh.

Example: If you are interested in Heritage, then you can take minimum 2 nights in each heritage place or if you are not interested, then one night is enough for you.

d) What are the most important sites to visit in Madhya Pradesh?

Nature and wild life – Madhya Pradesh is traditionally called the "Tiger State" of India.
Heritage – Three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Madhya Pradesh

Jyotirlinga - Madhya Pradesh have two Jyotirlinga (Mahakaleshwar & Omkareshwar) .

e) Popular Fairs & Festivals in Madhya Pradesh ?

Madhya Pradesh has many Festivals and fairs like Bhagoria, Indore Ger, Mandu Festival, Maheshwar Festival, Orchha Festival, Khajuraho Dance Festival, Gwalior Tansen Festival, etc.

f) What is the ADVENTURE available in Madhya Pradesh?

Madhya Pradesh has been known for variety of adventure activities available, state offers soft adventure activities they are, Water activities like, jet ski, speed boat, banana rides, water para sailing at various water bodies, Aero activities like Hot air balloon Tethered and Free Flights, para motoring, para gliding etc.

g) What is the best time to travel to Madhya Pradesh?

October to March is considered as the best period to travel Madhya Pradesh. We also have destinations for summer holidays and Monsoon destinations like Mandu and Pachmarhi.

h) What items can I buy as souvenirs?

Indore is famous for Namkeens (Snacks), Marble made handcrafted items from Bhedaghat. Handmade Chanderi and Maheshwari Sarees. Bagh print Etc.. Bell metal crafts from Orchha etc.

i) Is MP a luxury destination?

Yes, MP have 5* Hotel brands like Taj, Radisson, Marriott, Lalit, Ramada and also have local heritage luxury like Ahilya Fort, Noor Us Sabah, Jehan Numa Palace, etc. in state.

j) Budget for a package?

Guest can visit places of MP in minimum budget of Rs. 15000

k) Guest Can stay inside the jungle ?

No tourist accommodation inside jungle (core area). Some forest department lodges (basic amenities) are there to stay.

l) Guest Can do Bhasma Aarti of "Mahakal Jyotirlinga Ujjain" any time?

NO, it is only performed early morning whole year. Except Sawan month period and Mahashivratri or if decided by the temple authorities.
Bhasm aarti can be attended by a certain no. of pax for which you’ll have to book the ticket online through Mahakaleshwar Temple society website.

m) Is there any honeymoon itinerary..what are the add ones u would recommend ?

Yes. Guest can plan their honeymoon tour in different places of Madhya Pradesh. Like Pachamrhi, National Parks Resorts, Heritage Resorts, etc We can offer experiential picnic lunches, bush dinner, individual night safari for specially honeymooners.

n) What else I can see other than tiger and monuments in MP ?

Nature, water bodies, Pilgrimage, villages and farms experience

o) What all things guest should carry?

In winters light sweater, Jackets and walking shoes.
In summers - cap, goggles, sun cream and walking shoes

In rainy season - Winchester, umbrella and rubber shoes.
Other than summers morning safaris may be cold

p) Madhya Pradesh is good to have mega events ?

Yes. Many mega events done in MP at Indore, Bhopal and Khajuraho Good brand hotel rooms, good connectivity from all over, good price, service and bigger venues.

Q) Is Madhya Pradesh good for marriage destination?

Yes. Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Khajuraho , Gwalior. Now pachmarhi , orcha are new marriage destination in MP.

2 Questions pertaining of safety ?

(a) Is Madhya Pradesh safe ?

Yes it is very safe. Here is no violence, no terrorist activities.

b) Is it safe for single ladies?

Yes it is safe for ladies. We handled many single ladies tour in our state.

c) Is it safe to travel with infant OR IS ANY SIGHT WHICH RESTRICT infant of certain age of children ?

Yes it is also safe for infant, children and families. No restriction anywhere in whole MP. .

d) Is MP disable-friendly ?

Yes MP is disable friendly. Our sites have won best disable friendly destinations National award also. Only we have to mind when we are taking them to some heritage sites, wheel chair may not go to the every point of the area.

e) Medical facilities In Madhya Pradesh ?

Medical facilities are also very good in major cities of MP like Indore & Bhopal.

f) Is sarafa food is safe to eat and hygienic?

Yes. It is safe and all shops are maintaining hygiene. And most important Indore is cleanest city in India from last 3 years

3. Question pertaining to Madhya Pradesh hotels?

a) What are the Hotel options that are available in Madhya Pradesh?

Normally budget to 5* hotels and resorts in city areas but in jungle area and Pachmarhi we have 5 star facilities hotels and resorts not classified one.

b) Does the hotel provide proper Extra bed / Roll away / Mattresses?

- Majority of the area hotels provides Roll away / Mattresses as extra bed.

c) Are the hotel in city center or away from the city?

- All Hotels in City Center .

d) What is the meal plan to book a hotel on & Type of food available

We suggest CP plan. As "Madhya Pradesh" have variety of local cuisine. Guest can enjoy the local cuisine as per their choice. Only during jungle visit we suggest AP plan in hotel itself. South Indian, Guajarati , Marathi , Veg and Non Veg is available in state. Vegetarian is more popular.

4. Question pertaining to Transport for travelers?

a) What kind of Transport is available for travelers?

- Below are vehicle available for different group size
i) For 02 pax - Sedan (Desire / Ettios) / Innova / Crysta
ii) For 3 & 4 pax - Sedan / Innova / Crysta
iii)For 5 to 7 pax - Innova / Crysta / Luxury Tempo Traveller
iv)For 8 & above - Deluxe / Luxury Tempo Traveller / Coaches

b) Are there any change in vehicle as per destination or it is same throughout?

- There are no changes in vehicle

c) Is the vehicle exclusively for us or it will be shared by other tourist?

- The vehicle is exclusively for you and not a sharing basis. .

d) Can we take the vehicle for shopping and evening dinner to local restaurant & hotels?

- The allocated vehicle is exclusively for you. Guest can use the vehicles till 21:00 Hrs


a) For booking of Park Safaris, following details are required:

- Full name, age & gender & valid Govt. Photo ID card of all passengers
- original I.D. need to be carried by the person during the safari
- Date & time (morning/afternoon) of the safari need to be booked with above details.

b). The park safari cost includes Park entry, Guide fee & transportation by gypsy - max 6 person per gypsy.

c) Afternoon Safari Drives Will Not Be Conducted On Wednesdays .

d) Every Year core zone Jeep Safari of National Park normally close from 16th June to 15th October in rainy season.

6. Why should we book our tour through local tour operator?

a) Being a volume producer for the area, we enjoy a very special rate from the hotels which we shared with our travel partners in form of package.
b) The company philosophy is “Satisfied Client for a Better Future” that being the sole reason that the company in span of 25 years has won many National & International Tourism Award to its credential.
c) 24*7 helpline executive exclusive for all guest on tour.
f) We do not work with all hotels; our hotels are handpicked where service delivery can be vouched.
h) One of our TC (Tour Coordinator) will call the guest on booking agency behalf & will brief on do & don’ts of the destination. It is a part of our pre tour briefing which has been well appreciated by all.
i) We are an operation based company and not sale centric.

7. On Tour Guest questions?

a) Are the Tour Rigid or flexible where some changes can be made?

- Yes some minor changes could be accommodated in due consultations with TC (Tour Coordinator)

b) Who will be our one point contact?

- The TC (Tour Coordinator) is your one point contact for all matters.

c) Do we have the option of adding additional sightseeing & add-on tours?

- Yes in due consultations with TC (Tour Coordinator) .

8. Post Tour Guest questions?

a) By when should I get my Payment receipts & Invoices for my filing & book keeping?

- All File payment receipts & invoice will be sent to you post departure of the file by our accounts Team.

b) What about business lead from our on tours guest if any?

- We are a B2B company and do not handle B2C guest, hence all guest business lead is channel back to the source agency.

c) What about on tour / Post Tours guest services feedback & update?

- The TC (Tour Coordinator) keep the agency on any on towards incidence if any and share the guest feedback form with the booking agency. .


For better tour plan, take correct entry and exit Always check safari availability first with gate and then suggest hotel Bashm aarti –booking is online and requires govt I.D. details to book Guest health condition –as many places walk is important and must

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c) What about on tour / Post Tours guest services feedback & update?

- The TC (Tour Coordinator) keep the agency on any on towards incidence if any and share the guest feedback form with the booking agency. .